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Visage Aesthetics Mentoring

At Visage we understand the importance of training our Aesthetic students with high quality teaching material, some of the best small group teaching in the UK with lots of hands on experience performing treatments on real models.

However condensing all this into a single course over 4 days often can leave trainees feeling initially confident and prepared to start out into their own Aesthetic business but if they have delays or setbacks getting setup this confidence fades.

Visage Aesthetic Mentoring aims to help our new Aesthetic graduates progress from course based teaching to their own clinics by having regular feedback meetings, case history reviews and a process of re validation.

What Does the Mentorship Process Involve?

The mentorship process is a simple and straight forward process that will not impact greatly on your day to day practice or take up large amounts of your time.

When you have finished your Visage Courses and opt into the Mentorship programme you will be assigned a designated Mentor and gain access to our mentoring software which is built into Flourish (www.flourishandgrow.com).  Every 6 months your Mentor will arrange a 30 min review of everything you have uploaded to your portfolio and discuss several sections with you in detail.  This contact can be via phone, video chat or in some cases in person (in person meetings may incur additional charges for travel if requested).

We have 3 main areas that your mentor will evaluate once every 6 months with you:

Aesthetic Qualifications + Courses

First stage is verification of your Aesthetic courses, any additional training you have attended or additional online modules you have undertaken with ourselves or other training groups

Case Log

When your mentor has the review with you he or she will need 10 case histories from your Aesthetic practice which have been anonymized to protect patient confidentiality including before and after photographs.  This case log will be completed using our Flourish system and the reflection system which will ask you to reflect on the treatments performed, what went well, what could have gone better and what you may have learned from the consultation.

Additional Documentation

This section your mentor will review how you keep your Aesthetic practice up to date with current guidelines, best practice and new treatments.  Examples of what could be included here:

Journal Articles that you have read – you should include links to the journals for discussion
Conferences or Meetings Attended –  complete a reflection form on any course attendances
Copy of your Aesthetic insurance certificate
CPR or Anaphylaxis certificates
Non Aesthetic Qualifications

At the end of the meeting with your Mentor, you will receive feedback on your progress and an action plan for your next 6 months.  It will also be a good time to ask any Aesthetic questions or business questions you might have.

Eligibility for Mentorship or Level 7 Course Upgrade

Select the option that best describes your situation from below:

The mentorship programme is a requirement for Level 7 training with Visage Academy and all Level 7 trainees will have to undergo a minimum of 2 mentorship reviews.  If you are already registered with the Visage Aesthetics Level 7  Course your course fees will include 1 years mentorship.

The Level 7 Pathway involves:

  • Foundation Course
  • Advanced Course
  • Mentoring (x2 within one year of completing the above courses)


For trainees who have attended our 4 day course in London who wish to uprgade their qualification to the Level 7 course a one off fee of ______ will give access to the mentoring programme and 2 reviews.


For trainees who have attended the 2 day Belfast course, you will have to top up your course to level 7 by attending a 2 day Advanced course in Belfast and then undergoing 2 mentorship reviews within a 1 year period.  This will cost _________

Level 7 Pathway Completion

Level 7 Course 100%
4 Day London Course 75%
2 Day Course Belfast 50%

Do you need more information? Would you like to contact us directly to discuss your options?

Simply Click this link to email Gareth in our Mentorship Department:  training@cosmeticappraisal.com

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