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This is a course aimed at Clinic Managers and staff who will be working alongside Aesthetic Clinicians.

Welcome to this online course, developed by Visage Aesthetics UK LTD. This course has been designed for aesthetic clinic staff to help them offer non-clinical support in an aesthetic injectables clinic, working alongside a qualified and insured aesthetic injectables practitioner. All staff who are likely to deal with clients in this setting, should have a basic understanding of the common questions that are asked within aesthetics clinics, to improve customer satisfaction, improve confidence and boost the selling-power of your clinic! Specifically, this course should help you: a)    Offer useful support to clients who have had treatment and are concerned about incomplete response to treatment or side effects. Your clients will feel more comfortable to try out new treatments if they perceive that you and all of your staff are confident in explaining them and answering related questions pre and post-procedure. b)   Educate clients before they attend for appointments so that you have, in effect, begun their consultation before they have even met the practitioner. The confidence that this will instil in clients is sure to increase their overall spending and reduce time wasted during consultations with your practitioner, thus increasing the available appointment time within each clinic and maximising clinic profits and the success of the clinic as a whole. After you have completed this online course you will be invited to complete an online quizz. On successfully completion of this course, we will provide a certificate demonstrating that you possess the knowledge base to equip you in discussing possible treatments with clients and assisting your practitioner(s) in offering support to clients and identifying when this responsibility should be directed back towards your practitioner.  
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Course Curriculum

    • Introduction to Botox 00:00:00
    • Treatment Areas with Toxin (Foundation) 00:00:00
    • Treatment Areas with Toxin (Advanced) 00:00:00
    • Side Effects of Botox 00:00:00
    • Client Expectations 00:00:00
    • Dermal Filler for Clinic Managers 00:00:00
    • Dermal Filler Side Effects 00:00:00
    • Course Manager Assessment Unlimited
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