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Introduction to this Course. This course aims to guide aesthetic practitioners through the process of using PROFHILO® BODY for the upper arms and abdomen areas. This course can be taken either as a standalone course or following the completion of a course, demonstrating the intended use of the original Profhilo, for face, neck and décolletage. Endorsement. This course has been accepted by Cathedral Insurance and their underwriters. We recommend however that practitioners satisfy themselves, through direct correspondence with their own insurer, that they are covered for any procedures they intend to perform.


Course Currilcum

  • Introduction Unlimited
  • What is different about PROFHILO® BODY (compared to Profhilo)? Unlimited
  • Administration (taken directly from the packaging inner pamphlet) Unlimited
  • Packaging of PROFHILO® BODY Unlimited
  • Treatment Protocol Unlimited
  • Results Unlimited
  • Case Study 1 Video (Abdomen) Unlimited
  • Case Study 2 Video (Back of Arms) Unlimited
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